Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"I taked a nap!"

This morning, when I told Audrey she was going to school (MDO) today, she got quite excited. She always does, and she starts telling me her plans for the day.

"I'mma eat sum gowd-fiiiiiish. See Caw-stun! See Annnnna! See Mrs. Eh-winnnnn! I'mma take uh nap, Momma."

"Oh really, you're going to take a nap?"

"Yes'sam. I'mma seep at shool."

To which I just chuckle and smile. She NEVER naps! Her teacher says she lays nice and quiet and never bothers anyone, she just never sleeps. Which is ok, because if she did sleep (like she has, um maybe 4 times??? since January) it would only be for an hour at the most. As it is, we come home and they both usually go in bed for 2-3 hrs.

The real kicker is when I pick her up I always ask her "How was your day? Did you sleep?" (just for giggles!!!!) To which she ALWAYS replies, "Yes'sam! I taked a nap!" "Really? You went to sleep!?" "Yes'sam!"

I love that 2-yr-olds exsist in reality and fantasy at the same time! What a fun age. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Job hunt

As of Thursday, I was informed that I'm essentially laid off from my job. The way it was worded was "The part-time PT's are 'on hold' for now." They also said it wouldn't last long, and they'd be calling us back soon, but promises don't pay the bills. There just aren't enough hours for the new full-time PT they hired, and any of us part-time girls too. Sooo, I'm putting feelers out for a new job. I loved working at Full Potential CDC, and the flexibility was PERFECT for my life w/ the kiddos. But I can't just wait around, hoping they'll need me back before my bills are due.

I've been doing a Bible study at church for about 6-7 weeks now, called "The Mind of Christ" by TW Hunt. It is so.good. So deep, and very intense, but so good. And if we take our faith seriously, shouldn't we seriously study and challenge ourselves? A couple weeks ago it was about Matt. 6:33: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you." In a nutshell, focus on God's work above all, and He will take care of you. Ok. Sounds great in theory. This week is about the Beattitudes, focusing first on Matt. 5:3: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." When you realize He is almighty and I am unworthy, then your perspective about everything else in life will be right.

Interesting how the Lord prepares you for growth, then sends about a situation in which you must lean on Him to make it through, huh? I am seriously counting this situation joy, because it means God is working in my life! He is using this to develop my character to be more like Christ, which is the sole reason any of us are still here after salvation.

If you would join me in praying for God's will to be made clear to me, I would much appreciate it. The situation I had was so ideal, I couldn't have organized it better myself. Work when I want/when I have childcare, and with excellent pay that enabled me to only have to work 8 hrs a week. The kids have been going to MDO for ~10 hrs a week while I work. And if you remember back this time a year ago, I was in this exact same situation. Laid off and job hunting. And this job was literally placed in my lap! So I know the Lord will take care of us, beyond a doubt. It's just a matter of Him directing me to the right people and places, and me being sensitive enough to yield to His leading, rather than jumping at the first available opportunity.

My encouragement to you: trust the Lord in whatever struggle you're in today. Seek HIM above all else, and make your first desire to be like Him. Eveything else will fall into place, and won't seem nearly as important as you thought it was.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My New Robot

One of the fabulous finds I got at Duck Duck Goose (consignment sale) was a cute little robe for Audrey. I was telling one of my friends how when I'm doing bath time by myself (ie, Blaine working late) Audrey ends up having to run naked while I get Wyatt dressed. She suggested getting her a robe, and I was pumped to find one for CHEAP at DDG!

She was super excited about all her new clothes, and last night was the first night since I shopped that I did baths by myself. I put her robe on her and she said "Dat's my robot!"
"Yes, that's your ROBE."
"I yike my robot Momma!"

After I got Wy dressed, we went into her room to get her dressed. I explained that we had to take her ROBE off to get dressed, but we'd put it back on over her jammies to show Daddy. As we're getting dressed, she's shaking.

"I so 'cited muh robot Momma!"
"I so 'CITED!" "My robot!"
"Oh, you're excited about your robe??"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kitchen floor

Wyatt is HIGHLY mobile these days, although his crawling style isn't too pretty just yet. Picture the sumo wrestler, how they very emphatically stomp out each step...that's how Wyatt crawls. RIGHT hand. LEFT knee. LEFT hand. RIGHT knee. bellyflop. But considering he's only 5 mos old, I'm still just impressed he's crawling at all.

The only place he hasn't conquered yet is the kitchen. I haven't been setting him down in there yet, because until last week or so, he was still pretty kamikaze with his mobility skills. He'd dump over backwards or sideways from sitting, or crawl then faceplant just to see what would happen. On carpet, not such a biggie...ya know, padding. But on linoleum? Ouch. So anyway, he's kinda past that now, so I've been setting him down in the kitchen.

He.doesn't.move. It's kinda comical actually, seeing this baby wiggling and wrastling all over the living room, then take the same baby into the kitchen. Stone. You'd think he didn't know how to move! He doesn't freak out. He just doesn't do anything. Which is fine by me, since all too soon there won't be ANY place in the house he's still!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Teething Bites

About a week ago, I posted on FB that Wyatt cut his first tooth. I apparently used the word "cut" loosely. It was definitely visible but I didn't realize it hadn't actually pushed through the surface fully. I thought, "cool, I have another easy teether! The teeth just show up unannounced!" That's how Audrey was. I found out yesterday/last night that's NOT how Wyatt is.

Let me preface all this by saying that Wy is normally a GREAT sleeper! 9-10 hrs at night, 2- 2 hr naps, plus usually a little 45 min catnap at the end of the day. Well, not yesterday. He had a fitful afternoon, waking up screaming from his naps, and when I tried to lay him back down, he just fussed. He's been drooling EVEN more (if that's possible....seriously I plopped his bib down after taking it off and it splashed) and pulling desperately at his mouth. I thought "poor baby, had a rough day. At least he's so tired that he'll sleep great tonight!" Wrong.

Fed him the "dream feed" at 9:15, and we got in bed by 10. 11:15 he's screaming. CAN'T be hungry, he goes 4 hrs b/t meals. So I wait a minute to see if he'll settle back down. (Side note- since he's also crawling and pulling to stand all the time, he's been doing it in his sleep and waking himself up early. He ALSO has started a snotty nose, so that's contributing to the early waking too.) Nope, screaming continues and escalates. Since this is my first time with a middle-of-the-night-screaming-teether, I threw the book at him.
1. Clean jammies. Managed to pee out the front of his diaper. Never happens. Great timing, huh?
2. Sucked out his nose. Thank you, Nosefrida Snot Sucker. [Side note: Yes, I agree the Snot Sucker is gross. THEY even call it strange on the package, which makes me laugh! Disgusting in fact. I used to marvel at people that owned one. Then I bought one and love it! Before you judge me as fanatical and distance yourself from me since I suck snot, think about how frustrating the bulb syringe is. Poor suction, too easy to jab too far up their little nose, and impossible to clean out (talk about gross!). So before your kid gets his next snotty nose, do yourself a favor and buy the Nosefrida. You won't regret it.]
3. Baby Vapo-Rub on his chest. And on his feet. [Side note again: I also admit to judging those weirdos who put vicks on their kids' feet claiming it clears a stuffy nose. Then, along with Frida's appearance, got desperate to try anything and put it on his feet under socks. Worked. Weird and unexplainable, I know, but worked.]
4. Baby Orajel- Nighttime Formula on gums. [No side note here: just did it.]
5. Infant Tyelnol. [No side note here either. Dose properly according to weight. :)]

Following this (hopefully!) magic formula, I plugged him up with his paci, gave him his lovey and rocked him. All was right again, and we both went back to bed. I, with VERY poor timing, had a bit of insomnia and wasn't able to fall back asleep until...

12:40am. When I didn't actually fall back asleep, because Wy is up screaming again. Ugh! Now I'm starting to panic. I did everything I knew to do an hour ago. Too early to have more orajel or tyelnol. Too soon for another bottle, and he didn't seem hungry anyway. So I pulled out Frida again, more vapo rub, paci, lovey, and sat down to cross my fingers and rock. Which worked! He drifted right off to sleep, and so did I since now it's 1am and I'm essentially just getting to sleep for the night.

Enter 4:30am. Screaming again. At least he can have more meds now! Frida, Vick's, Orajel, Tyelnol. I think I'll call it the "teething cocktail". And a bottle. Hated bringing the bottle in cuz I don't wanna slip back into a habit of middle-of-the-night feedings, but I'm pretty sure he was hungry since he wasn't sleeping well. Back to bed to the sound of Blaine's alarm clock. Sheesh. It's morning?!? Not for this chick. All was finally settled and we all slept till 8am, when Audrey woke up, with Wyatt a few minutes behind her.

Today is going much better. Other than being way tired, and Wy being way off schedule. But he's eating and napping fine. Hopefully tonight won't be a repeat of last night! And hopefully we won't do this with every.single.tooth! Kids get like 16 in the first yr or so, right? Hats off to you mommas of tough teethers. Hopefully I'm NOT joining your ranks!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

News Feed

Since I have (once again) done a horrible job of keeping up with the blog, I've decided to do a "news feed". Ya know, just the highlights! Some of this will be redundant if you've kept up with my FB posts, but I gotta jump back in somewhere, right?

- At the zoo recently, we were looking at the penguins with Audrey. I said, "Look they're swimming!" Audrey: "Whew's dere fwoaties? Dey simmin; whew's dere fwoaties??" She was very concerned about them!

- Wyatt has decided to not be a baby any more. In the past ~3 weeks, he started army crawling, then transitioning to sitting, then sitting independantly, then reciprocal crawling, and now pulling up to stand! Oh and he cut his first tooth. For those of you either not involved in developmental stages of kids, or rusty on your time frames, this is all incredibly fast. He covered about 6-9 mos milestones from 4 mo, 3 wks to 5 mo, 2 wks. Yikes. We decided to lower his crib mattress last week to the middle level. A week later, we had to move it all the way down since he was standing. :( Sad day for Momma! I know all babies grow up too fast, but sheesh, this kid is on the fast track!

- Audrey continues to be a little Momma. Sitting on my lap while working on this, she tells her baby, Candi, "Putcha legs down. I'mma spank ya hiney. (spanks) (Looks into her face) Cumere, fweet gihl. My fweet gihl. You obey. You unnastan? You unnastan?" Funny and interesting to see your parenting reflected back to you...!

- And finally (for now!), the sweetest, most heart warming thing happened last night. We're all in the car on the way home from eating out. Wyatt is glued to his big sis, as he is mich of the time these days. Audrey sneezes, and Wy starts giggling. She realizes he's laughing at her, so she fake sneezes, then starts giggling back at him. Now they're just laughing back and forth at each other! Ummm, wish I could bottle that feeling!! This was the first time they've really interacted back and forth, esp. sweetly. :) Loved seeing a glimpse of how close they'll grow up to be!