Friday, January 22, 2010

Here me are!

(That's how our 2-yr-old niece used to announce herself when she entered the room...) :)

Yeah, so I haven't posted since early December. Oops. But I'm still here alive and kicking! Well, ya know, Christmas came and we were on the road for 9 days visiting all the fam. It was lovely! We had a great time and it was sooo hard to come home. Then Blaine had a full week of work and it was my last week b/f starting the new job.

The new job: it's going well overall. I can't tell you how hard it's been leaving my sweet Audrey. All the working mommas out there can certainly relate, but gosh it still hurts my heart! She's doing well at her friend, Mrs. Marcy's house. She's very much intrigued by 4 yr old Mark and 2 yr old Seth (Marcy's boys). And it does indeed melt my heart when I pick her up and she smiles a big ole gummy grin b/c she's so happy to see me. :) I've got 3 weeks of work down though! After 12 weeks total, I'll be done w/ full-time orientation and will get to go to my 3-day-a-week schedule which will be wonderful! I'm really enjoying pediatrics much more than I ever expected. It feels like playtime much of the time. There are certainly hard things (as in all jobs, I'm sure), like working w/ kiddos on the burn unit. But I do enjoy the kids, and the crew I'm working with is great! ACH is a great place to work so far.

It's been a tough transition for me and Blaine too. I never thought I'd miss keeping house so much! haha! Life is simpler just keeping house, grocery shopping, laundry, mothering, etc. But add a 40 hr work week, plus all that, and phew! My feet hurt. :) Not to be a complainer...I know a lot of you are doing the same thing, it just takes a while to get used to it all. Blaine's schedule this month has been pretty good. He's doing cardio consults at UAMS, which is pretty much 8-4 M-F. It DOES exist in medicine! Shocker! But not for long. Feb is gonna be another one of those yucky intern months, where he'll work long days every day, and overnight call about every 4 days. At least it's a short month! Blaine has been awesome during the transition! He's been a huge help w/ laundry and helping around the house. He even had a vacation week last week, and "got to" stay home to be a househusband. He did great! Audrey really loved being w/ Dada all week and it was a little easier to leave for work knowing she was home w/ him.

In the midst of the new job transition, Audrey is growing up way too fast! She has started cereal and veggies the past couple weeks and has turned into quite the little eater. She's rolling all over the place...she pretty much can get whatever she wants by rolling there, and has even started scooting a little bit on her belly. Still no teeth, but it still seems like any day now! She's a drool machine and constantly chowing down on her hands. Audrey is still our happy, happy girl, and loves to talk and sing with us! Blaine and I are still trying to figure out how in the world we could get paid to stay home and just adore her. :)

All that to say we're doing well. I sure do miss having all that free time I used to have...and I miss keeping up w/ my friends! But there's a season in life for everything, and this is my season to work. :) I take comfort in knowing the Lord has orchestrated this job and all the details in this time of life!