Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If you wanted details...

Audrey was uh, doing her business, last night on the potty, while we were in the kitchen. We heard a giant thud, followed by screaming and knew exactly what happened.

~Let me interject here: I'm a tiny bit tempted to feel like a bad parent here, since I left my child unattended on the potty, and she fell and broke her arm. It's not crazy of me to leave her on the potty is it?? I mean, we all need our privacy right? Not to mention, I have a few hotter irons in the fire than to sit and watch her poop.~

Blaine and I run in there and she's on her back on the floor, pants at her ankles, and Elmo potty seat on top of her. If I weren't so worried about the shrieking, it would've been a funny sight. Blaine said later we should have taken a pic b/f we scooped her up...KIDDING! Well, he did say it, but he didn't mean it of course.

Since this was a Tuesday, I had been at work most of the day, and referring to my previous post, Audrey of course didn't nap. So the evening was already overly-dramatic and weepy, now that she had fallen, she was pretty well melting down. We really didn't think too much of the intensity of the crying since she was so tired. I was able to calm her, and when she asked to go to bed a few mins later, we just decided to skip as much drama as we could (ie, bathtime, jammies, brushing teeth, all of it) and put her straight in bed. We planned to wake her up in a few hrs just to make sure she hadn't concussed, since we couldn't really tell if she had hit her head or not. She asked me to kiss her arm "Momma kiss it!", which did look a little red and swollen, but could've just been a contusion.

45 mins later, she's waking up screaming. :( Definitely not a concussion! Her arm is still red and swollen. She wouldn't grasp with that hand, and was slow and weak to supinate and actively extend her wrist. (Sorry for the jargon for you non-medical people. I know all the medical people are nodding and uh-huh-ing right now though.) We decided to head to Children's ER. This is where Blaine's indentured-servant-hood, I mean resident status, comes in handy. He called ahead to see who was working, and how long the wait was. When we got these, he flashes his badge and presto! We're being triaged 2 mins later.

After getting us into a room, they take us to Radiology for an xray. I was SO. PROUD. of my big girl! She sat in the tech's lap during the xray and didn't fuss or squirm. I think she has a future in medicine. All she was saying was asking what everything was! "Dat? Dat?" She got an Elmo sticker at the end, which in her mind probably made it all worth it. We get back to the ER, and Blaine's chatting up the docs and nurses, raiding the candy drawer, and then looking at her xrays.

Buckle fracture. Don't remember learning that one in school, but it wouldn't have mattered, because the film I'm looking at is my sweet chubby-armed baby girl!! My heart dropped. Poor, poor baby. And my next thought was, good, at least we weren't those crazy parents who came to the ER for nothing! Then, shame on you! That's almost like wishing this on her! Um, yeah I guess I do have internal dialogue running in my head. What a weirdo.

I digress. The doc came back in and put her in a temporary splint made of plaster cast material. Translation: big, sloppy, and heavy cast. She was again an angel-child during the cast application. After the doc was finished and out of the room, she lost it though. "Take-uh off! Take-uh off! Gove off!" She called it a glove. :) They gave her some oxycodone, and sent her home with a sling and a script for tylenol with codeine. She was pretty loopy on the drive home, but like Blaine said, how do you tell if a 22 month old is drunk on the meds? They already slur their speech, see things that aren't there, and act silly all the time.

After sleeping all night long, thank you Lord!!, I was realllly hoping Blaine could pull some more strings and get her into Ortho clinic today to get her real cast on. Fracture clinic at ACH is on Tuesday. What day was this again? Tuesday. Great. No such luck. But she's really handling it well. We got her pain meds which is helping, and we're just trying to convince her that this cast really is a good thing. It's so sad to see her try to push her doll stroller one-handed "Hewp Momma!". But what really broke my heart was when she tried to hold her lovey and suck her thumb this morning (Lovey has gotten to make special trips away from her bed during this ordeal). She apparently uses both hands to get Lovey situated, cuz the tag has to be held just right by her nose, and she couldn't manage with just the one hand. :(

It's been an interesting <24 hrs so far, but I'm so thankful for a lot right now!
-a pediatrician husband who can evaluate the situation and make the right decision for me, when I'm too emotionally involved
-a "fast pass" in the ER
- a relatively minor break in her forearm, that so far looks to be NOT on the growth plate
- Tylenol with codeine
- a sweet, sweet girl who is otherwise healthy, and mostly tough when it comes to owies :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another sleepless day at MDO

For my kids, anyway. I don't know who these children are who don't nap at home, but nap great at MDO. They sure aren't mine!! Audrey has napped I think maybe 5 times since January at MDO, and never more than about an hour. I figured it would be better with Wyatt, since he's just a baby, and they sleep any where, right?? I figured then he'd get used to sleeping there, and it'd be smooth sailing. Well, guess how much the sleep-anywhere-cuz-you're-just-a-baby baby slept today? Grand total of 2 hrs and 40 mins. Out of what should have been 4.5 to 5 hrs of napping. His teacher told me when I picked him up, "we had a lot of noise from the older babies playing while he was trying to nap. We thought about putting him back there (separate, dark, secluded room). Maybe we will next time." !!! I laughed and said, YES PLEASE! I don't care if you stick him in a closet, if he can be away from the noise and get good sleep, do it! Do other babies/kids just pass out wherever they are, no matter what's going on? Are my kids just especially nosy and skittish about their sleep routine?

Audrey's issues are a whole other story. I can't seem to make the teachers understand that when I say, lay her down and just leave her alone, I MEAN lay her down and just leave her alone. They want to rock, and read, and sing, and pat, etc. All with good intentions, I know. But she's a "lay her down and leave her alone" type of kid. I love that she sleeps so easily and long at home (usually 3 or 3+ hrs), but that means when she doesn't nap at MDO, it is CRANK CITY when we get home.

My SIL (jokingly) (I think) said my kids are spoiled, in that they want a dark, quiet room and that they sleep with white noise. Surely it's not just the Broussard kids that are away-from-home sleepless??