Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grilled cheese...and boy cheese.

I previously posted (not sure if here or FB...I'll try to find the link) about how apparently Audrey thought grilled cheese was"GIRL" cheese. She was eating girl cheese, and Daddy was eating boy cheese. Today, these labels went to a whole new level.

Wyatt, the man-child, was also eating a "___" cheese sandwich for lunch, along with Audrey. His first. (And for the record, I think he could have eaten an entire sandwich. He ate more than A. Little beast.) So it went a little like this: "What's Wyuht have? Dat's his boy cheese?"

I laughed as the previous gender-cheese sandwich experience came flooding back to me. "Yes, baby that's his GRILLED cheese."

"No, heesa boy! Dat's his BOYYY cheese! And dis is my GURRRRL cheese!"

"Ok, that's his boy cheese, and that's your girl cheese." No use arguing the inconsequential details. And so we continue eating our gender-cheese sandwiches. Until Wyatt has polished off his half sandwich, green beans, and puffs and is looking around for more. Audrey hasn't been eating well lately and is also sickly today, so I know good and well she won't finish her half.

"Audrey, can you share some of your grilled cheese with Wyatt? He's still hungry."

"Dis MY gurl cheese, Momma."

"Yes, but you're all done with it, and he wants some more." I start cutting it up and putting it on his tray, then the distress starts.

"Dat's my gurl cheese Momma!! Heesa boy!"

"Ok, well, he can eat girl cheese." Why am I now calling it a girl cheese? Would my efforts be better spent explaining GRILLED???

"He not eat GURL cheese! Heesa boy!"

"Alrigh then, now it's a boy cheese for Wyatt."

"No, it's notta boy cheese, itsa GURRRL cheese!"

Ayiyi...apparently GIRLs eat GIRL cheeses, and BOYs eat BOY cheeses, and there is to be no cross-eating, nor magic-momma-wand waving to convert one into the other. I guess I can't tell her I made ONE sandwich and cut it in half...that would just rock her little world.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taste Test

Audrey learned all about the sense of taste at "school" today. I asked her what she got to taste: "Lemonade!" (Maybe lemons? Ok, I can buy that.) "What else did you taste?" "Pencils!!!" I laughed out loud when she said that, and really had no clue what it might have been until I started typing this. Any guesses? Ummm...pickles?? I'm hoping anyway. Whatever it actually was, I'm quite confident that pencils were not included in the taste test. When I tried to elicit more responses (hoping to deduce what the pencils were), she remained firmly adament that she tasted pencils. Oh to be 2 again...life is so fun!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ohhh the drama!

Girls are so dramatic. I'm allowed to say that, cuz I know I am (only at times!! haha). Some are worse than others for sure, and I feel like much of the female drama mentality can be encouraged/discouraged by environment. Thus, we try to have an environment of discouraging excess drama. That being said, I never really thought I'd have much drama to even deal with until closer to the teenage years! But little miss Audgee can put it on with the best of 'em.

Brushing her teeth has ALWAYS been a dramatic event in her life. We think it likely has become a vicious-cycle-type-issue that all started with her anatomy. She has a low/attached frenulum (that little piece of skin way up under your upper lip that crosses over to the gum), so hers goes down through her front teeth to the hard palate. Anyway, supposedly it can be quite sensitive, and well, it's in the way when trying to brush teeth. You get the picture. So here we are, at least 2 yrs worth of teeth brushing and every time is STILL an issue. Crying, wailing, "wiiiipe myyyyy tearrrrrrrrrs" (yes, that again), closing her lips around her teeth, etc. The latest addition to the "routine" is turning around to look in the mirror while crying. Oh yes. Not just crying, but watching herself cry! Seriously??

One recent morning when my patience was likely thin, the drama was definitely high, and time was running short, I said "You turn back around! You do not watch yourself cry in the mirror like that!!" (Once again, one of those times you go "What did I just say?? I never thought I would have the occasion to utter those words!") I followed the reprimand with "You. are. pitiful." (Extend me some grace...thin patience, high drama, remember?) Further proof that this was drama, not true distress, sweet Audrey turns back to look in the mirror with no tears, a sweet smile, and in a darling voice "Yes Momma, I boo-tiful." I wanted to holler PITIFUL! I didn't say beautiful! But the drama was done for the moment, and all I could do was laugh and say, "Yes baby, you are beautiful."

Monday, January 2, 2012

Reset button, please!

Some days you just wanna start over, ya know? Today was one of those days. I knew it was going to be a long one, since Blaine is on 24-hr call tonight, ie, he won't be home till tomorrow morning (hopefully morning...) Wyatt was up at 6:15 this morning (as opposed to a normal 7:30ish). He's trying to cut some more teeth so he's been cranky crank the past few days. Audrey woke up cranky crank too, mostly being dramatic about her lip.

Backstory: she fell NYE, late afternoon while running on the driveway and busted her lip wide open. We actually did take her to the ER, thinking it needed stitches. Thankfully, it didn't and it's healing nicely. Although my dear little Audgee tends to milk the drama, so every other phrase is "Momma my mouf is hurting!" (complete with tears and "Wiiiipe myyyyy tearrrrrrs!" Yes. Drama.)

ANYway, all that was piling up on my by 8:30 this moring. Far too early to look forward to nap. And far too cold to play outside with a high of 46 today. So! We made it a fun day instead and went to the Wonder Place! For you non-Little Rock-ers, it's an indoor playplace for little guys. Lots of pretend stuff to play with, puppet theater, water table, blocks, puzzles, pretend vet, grocery, cafe, etc. The kiddos had a blast! Audrey loves watching all the other kids, and Wyatt wanted to be big so he essentially walked all over the place! The water table was a big hit of course. They have a baby seat for the little ones and Wyatt was cracking me up! Even with the smock on, he was soaked within minutes. He would splash splash splash until his face and hair were wet, then he kept trying to lay his face in the water and drink it. Crazy boy. :) Audrey's favorite was the grocery store, where she selected all her food, then rang it up on the cash register. I learned that my 2-yr-old knows what a mushroom is! We took our lunch with us (peabuttuhjelly and yogit) and played away until naptime, when they both crashed. Ahhh, there's the reset button!!