Thursday, March 11, 2010

New pics

For those of my readers who aren't on FB, here's a couple news pics of the sweet baby!

6 months old w/ Blair Bear!

Snow day in LR w/ Momma!

I blinked...

Oh my, can you tell how fast time is flying for me right now??? Where did February go? And are we really already halfway through March? Sheesh...this is probably the main reason I'm not so fond of working full time. The days go too fast, the weeks faster, and then I blink and another month is gone. On the plus side, I'm almost done with orientation at work! 2 more weeks then I get to cut back to 3 days a week! Wahoo! Don't get me wrong, I love the work I'm doing, but if I have the choice to work a little and stay home w/ my sweet Audrey a little more...well, easy choice. :)

So I still feel in need of a little encouragement, thus the following episode...I had my first bad day at work this week. I had a patient with, let's just a say, a difficult mother. She was frustrated with being in the hospital w/ her child, and they had been through a difficult injury, she felt like she wasn't being heard, and I think she was, um, high drama on top of it all. Anyway, I go in to evaluate the girl, and the mother was unhappy already, so I tried to help the situation by taking the time to listen to her. Unfortunately, I think I just opened a can of worms. For some reason, so chose me to take the brunt of her frustrations, and after listening to her for about 20 mins, she called in the patient-family rep, who then called my boss, and my boss and mentor had to go resolve the situation. I think I handled the situation appropriately, but I reallllllllllllllly hate having people upset at me, even if it's illogical. It really shook my confidence. Here I was near the end of my rotation, and I suddenly felt lost. I found myself second-guessing everything I was doing and saying. The yucky feeling kind of hung on the next day too, as hard as I tried to shake it, and as hard as I prayed that God would help me to start the day fresh. I guess I just really wanted someone to come alongside me to say, you're ok. You didn't screw up, and you're still a good PT. It happens to all of us, so just press on! But, I'm not a student any more, so I don't get to have anyone hold my hand these days. Oh well...the week has been ok since then...ready to leave it behind. Glad I have tomorrow off to enjoy my sweet girl!!

On that note, much warmer, happier thoughts! Oh Audrey...I marvel every day at how in love with her we are. She's our world. We spend our evenings playing on the floor with her and being overly impressed with how skilled she is. She's surely the most advanced baby in the world, right??? Haha! I do have to brag a little though...she's quite the commando crawler these days, and sitting up so well. She even weight shifts in sitting, and has transitioned from sitting to quadruped several times! She loves to rock back and forth on her hands and knees, and has made a few reciprocal crawls in quadruped. Creeping any day now! Just this week, she started pulling to stand when you put your hands in front of her...she grabs 2 fingers and up she goes! (You must excuse my therapist developmental language...I don't even know if I'm speaking common words any more! I think it's mostly jargon, but Blaine and I can't help's what we do all day! I just wonder if it's weird that we pray for her "growth and development" each day. Hmm.) It seems impossible that our sweet baby is growing up so fast...7 mos tomorrow. Wow. Audrey's still doing great at Marcy's house. She just grins when I drop her off. Usually Mark and Seth are watching cartoons or playing around on the couch, and she loves those boys! They make her laugh. Seth finally said "hi Audrey" in front of me the other day. Marcy says as soon as I walk out the door, her starts talking up a storm to/about her. Mark also told Blaine the other day "I love Audrey." and one afternoon when she and I were leaving he fussed, "I don't want Audrey to leave!" Too sweet. The funniest part to me is that Mark (the 4 yr old) calls her "Ardrey", and that he's trying to teach Seth (the 2 yr old) to say her name! Haha..."Ardrey's" 2 little boyfriends. What a blessing the Kennedy's have been to us...too bad they're moving to VA in June. :( So I'm still on the lookout for alternate childcare.

Ok, so obviously I need to blog more so I don't get to backlogged and wordy. :) Life will be a bit slower in a few weeks. Maybe by then, I'll have figured out how to slow time down juuuuust a bit!