Thursday, April 1, 2010

A happenin' week

Laundry is piled on my couch. The dryer is about to buzz again, and the bathrooms REALLY need cleaning. The kitchen's clean though! And in spite of all that, here I sit...blogging. :-D It's been a really good week in a lot of ways, and weird in others, and I just had a hankering to type.

We'll start with weird, cuz it's not that long of a story. I finished my orientation at work last week (yay!) so now I'm part-time (YAY!). The trade-off (aka, downside) is that I have to work 10a-6:30p. Kinda nice to go in so late, but really weird staying so late. I'm the only one working those hours right now, so about 4:30 most folks are heading out, then by 5:30 EVERYONE is gone. And I still have an hour left! It's one thing to be home by yourself, but totally another to be alone in a big department, when there's normally about 30 people there. The other strangeness of the week is, well...we'll just suffice it to say that others are having trouble remembering my new strange hours, so my caseload has been a little off this week. But it'll all get worked out soon, I'm sure.

Blaine's weird week is actually a weird month, that started today. He's on night float, meaning he works a whole month of night shifts. Sun-Thurs 8p-8a to be exact. But he has off all weekends, which is a blessing. It's just odd and off-putting, to quote a dear friend, to work when you should be sleeping, and to come home when your wife is leaving for work. We're so thankful though, that I'm only working 3 days a week. If I were full time right now, we'd basically only see each other about 30 mins in the evening, and then weekends.

Audrey has a had a GREAT week! She's really just growing up too fast. She's at the stage where she's hitting a lot of milestones all at once, and I feel so proud and sad at the same time. I know, I know...blink a few times, then wait till she's [insert your child's current life milestone]. But our A is just so precious, and we could BUST from being so proud. She really did have a lot of new things this week...prepare to be amazed: 2, count 'em, 2 teeth! Her 1st and 2nd at the same time...cute little bottom pearly whites. They make her look so grown! haha! She also started about melt my heart. A big wide grin that screams "you're my world!" with tiny little white teeth and chubby clapping hands. Too much. I don't think she really understands how to properly "use" clapping yet, but it's adorable nonetheless. It's kinda funny too, she mostly holds her left hand in midline, then brings the right one in and out, BUT STILL! It's clapping. :) And last, but not least....drumroll...she's pulling up! I know, my child is such a prodigy, so advanced and brilliant! haha, but seriously...she just started pulling up to kneel and stand on our legs, laps, the recliner, the coffee table today (Daddy got pics. :)) and even occasionally in her bed. Uh, guess it's time to move that mattress down one more level! I can't believe she's almost 8 months old, and she's getting more fun all the time. My fav thing is now that she's crawling pretty well, she's able to greet me when I come in from work. Today, she got to stay home w/ Dada, and when I got home she was in the living room playing. I greeted her from the doorway, and she laughed and squealed, then crawled over to me, almost drunk w/ glee. Warms my heart, can you tell? After I picked her up, she starts giving me "kisses"...really! She puts her sweet, slobbery mouth on my face and says "muaaaaaaahhhhhhh", then looks at me all adoringly. Can ya tell I love being a momma???

So that's the life of the Broussards for now. We're so thankful for this Easter season, when we can reflect on Christ's sacrifice for us, and his miraculous return to life from death. What great sinners we all are, and what a great love our great God has to die for us, so that we could have a personal relationship with Him! We're also thankful for his daily provision and presence, that he has answered our needs before we even voice them.