Friday, December 2, 2011

Dat's Baby Jeejus!

Audrey is so enthralled with Christmas. Last year she was a little young to "get it" at only 16 mos. But this year she's able to ask about things and start understanding what's going on! We put up the tree, nativities and decorations Wednesday while Blaine was home and Wyatt was napping. :) We have a Little Peoples nativity set that we put on the entertainment center so the kids can play with it. It plays "Away In a Manger" when you push the angel on top...about 18,845 times a day. Audrey can already sing the words to the first verse, 2 days after getting it out. She totally understands the importance of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, that they're the center of the Christmas story. And she's SO enthralled with Jesus, and very possessive of him. Wyatt seems to know this and seems to hunt Jesus down specifically! As opposed to the rest of the crew, which he unselectively clears from the shelf to the floor, in ~3 seconds. Well, you can imagine how it goes from here: "JEEJUS! Momma, I need Jeejus! Wyuht can share him wis me. Tank you Wyuht. TANK YOU WYUHT! Momma, heeeeee'sssss wetttttttttttt! (slobber) Momma, you wanna wipe him??"

Sibling drama aside, Audrey makes a profound (and SO cute) statement about Jesus nearly nonstop. "Whewe's Baby Jeejus and his momma and his daddy? Dere's Jeejus! (holding him up) He's so booorrrrnnn!" (think: He's so cuuuute!) Every.time. "he's so booorrrrrnnnn!" This CRACKS me up, but it's also precious. She hit on the true awe and wonder of Christmas. He's JESUS, he's God Incarnate, and he's BORN! God stepped down, not only in human form, but as a lowly baby, in a lowly stable to be our Savior. Take a lesson from Audrey and remember this Christmas season that Jesus is "soooo boooorrrnn!"