Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Minstry...trying, anyway

First: oops, I fell off my blog again. Sorry, if you've been waiting w/ bated breath for another installment.

The main point: Several months ago, I really felt led to get involved in some type of ministry. Put feet to my faith, if you will. Not faith BY works, but faith THAT works. Since I'm such a baby nut, I thought I would start volunteering at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. They have several different opportunities for clients and for volunteers, and I decided to start off with the HUGS (Helping You Grow Strong) program. Basically, it's an incentive-driven Bible study, that walks the clients through the plan of salvation. I was super excited to be in a place where God would lead young women us, and then allow an opportunity for them to hear life changing news! The divine appointments walk right through the door at this place.

Or so they should anyway...after the application/background check/interview process, I started signing up clients to mentor through the HUGS program 5 weeks ago. I go on Wed. afternoons while my babes are napping. They're good sleepers, so I don't worry about em...kidding! My sweet friend, Bethany comes to sit while they're sleeping. :) So I have now gone 4 weeks with appointments for HUGS, and 4 weeks with showing up. Ever been stood up? 4 times in a row?? Stinks. Needless to say, I'm a bit discouraged at this point. Each week, I pray for the girls that I'm about to meet, and pray that God would give me just what they need that day. And I get mentally prepared to speak the truth in love...and then I have no one to speak to. :(

I'm not giving up though! I'm also now praying just for one of my appointments to show up! I would love to have you praying with and for me as I try to get up and running in this new endeavor. Also, if you're in the LR area, the center could really use more volunteers, esp. Wednesdays, esp. this summer! You can also help out by donating baby items or hosting a "baby shower" for the center. is their website if you're interested.

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