Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Rev

(Yes, I'm back. Sorry for the absence...etc, etc...)

Everyone knows how dinnertime goes for a mom of young kids. Fix kids plates, send kids to wash hands, get them up to table. Fix own plate, sometimes hubby's plate, get those to table. Hubby sits down. Forgot my drink, get that to table. Someone's missing a fork. Go get fork. Forgot a milk cup, hubby volunteers to get it. Up and down, back and forth, and the kids are half finished b/f I even sit down. And let's not even mention the temperature of my food by now.....

BUT! As soon as all four of us are seated, Wyatt loudly and persistently reminds us we need to "P'AY! P'AY!" Hands outstretched, eyes are closed, it's time to pray! It used to be ok for Daddy or Momma to bless the meal, but now even after thanks have been voiced, "Ayuht. P'ay!" Then the sweetest baby boy voice says "Deedus, da doo. Pah-bu. Boh-wi. Miel. Ahben!" (In case your toddlerese isn't so fresh, that's "Jesus, thank you for pasta, broccoli and milk. Amen!") Then invariably, Audrey also wants to pray, or maybe just one-up him if he forgot to mention something that was on their plate. ;) Or maybe it's The Rev's insistence that now "Is-sy. P'ay!"

The Rev doesn't just limit his precious prayers to mealtimes either. We were in the van last weekend, when ole Rev pipes up in the middle of Finding Nemo, hands folded, eyes fluttering closed... "Deedus, da boo. Momma. Is-sy. Darr. Boobee. Beh-nee. Ee-an." Ohhh bless him! (And that's, Jesus, thank you for Momma, Sissy, the car, the movie, Mrs. Bethany and Ethan. And no, they weren't w/ us!) What a sweet little spirit. I hope and pray this isn't just a fad or a new trick that he thinks is just for fun. I hope the Lord speaks to his heart at a tender young age to call him to Himself! What a joy, a responsibility to raise The Rev!

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